Axioms Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings:

नियमहरू, सिद्धान्तहरू, मूल तत्वहरू

Nearby Words:

  • Noun: नियम, सिद्धान्त, तत्व
  • Adjective: नियमित, सिद्धान्तिक, मूलभूत

Part of Speech of Axioms:


Pronunciation of Axioms:


Axioms Synonyms:

  1. Maxims (महानियमहरू)
  2. Principles (सिद्धान्तहरू)
  3. Postulates (प्रतिज्ञाहरू)
  4. Proverbs (ज्ञानमय कथाहरू)
  5. Adages (नीतिवचनहरू)
  6. Sayings (कथाहरू)

Description and Origination of Axioms:

Axioms are fundamental truths or principles that are self-evident and do not require proof. They serve as the basis for reasoning and logical deductions. Axioms are often used in mathematics, philosophy, and other disciplines to establish a foundation for further analysis and understanding. The concept of axioms dates back to ancient Greek philosophy, particularly in the works of Euclid and Aristotle. These foundational principles have since been adopted and expanded upon in various fields of study.


  • Falsehoods (असत्यता)
  • Fallacies (भ्रान्तिहरू)
  • Errors (त्रुटिहरू)
  • Misconceptions (गलत धारणाहरू)
  • Untruths (असत्यताहरू)


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