Ascent Meaning in Nepali: उच्चारण, उच्चारण, उच्चारण, उच्चारण, उच्चारण

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Noun: उच्चारण, उच्चारण, उच्चारण

Verb: उच्चारण, उच्चारण, उच्चारण

Part of Speech of Ascent:


Pronunciation of Ascent:


Ascent Synonyms:

1. Climb – चढाई

2. Rise – उठान

3. Elevation – उच्चता

4. Ascension – उच्चारण

5. Upward Movement – उच्चारण

6. Upward Climb – उच्चारण

A short description of ascent meaning in Nepali is provided here. Ascent refers to the act of climbing or moving upwards, usually in a physical sense. It can also be used metaphorically to describe progress or improvement. The word “ascent” originated from the Latin word “ascendere,” which means “to climb.”


1. Descent – अवतरण

2. Decline – अपवाद

3. Fall – गिरावट

4. Decrease – कमी

5. Lowering – तल गर्ने

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