The Meaning of Break in Nepali

Meanings of Break in Nepali

1. टुट्नु (tutnu) – verb: to break, to shatter

2. बिग्रनु (bigrunu) – verb: to break, to destroy

3. छिर्नु (chhirnu) – verb: to break, to tear

Parts of Speech of Break

The word break can be used as a noun or a verb in English. In Nepali, the word “break” can be translated into various parts of speech depending on its usage in a sentence.

Synonyms of Break in Nepali

1. टुक्रिनु (tukrinu) – verb: to break, to fracture

2. तोड्नु (todnu) – verb: to break, to snap

3. खोल्नु (kholnu) – verb: to break, to open

4. विराम लगाउनु (viram lagaunu) – verb: to take a break, to pause

Antonyms of Break in Nepali

1. जोड्नु (jodnu) – verb: to join, to connect

2. समेट्नु (samenun) – verb: to gather, to assemble

3. नजोड्नु (najodnu) – verb: to not break, to keep intact

Nearby Words of Break in Nepali

1. टुटेको (tuteko) – adjective: broken

2. टुट्ने (tutne) – adjective: breakable

3. टुट्ने (tutne) – noun: fracture

4. टुट्ने (tutne) – noun: breakage

5. टुट्ने (tutne) – noun: disruption

6. टुट्ने (tutne) – noun: interruption

In conclusion, the word break in Nepali can have multiple meanings depending on the context. It can be used as a verb to describe actions such as breaking, shattering, or tearing. Additionally, it can also be used as a noun to refer to a fracture, breakage, or disruption. Understanding the various meanings and parts of speech of break in Nepali can help in effective communication and comprehension of the language.

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