Amalgamates Meaning in Nepali

Amalgamates is a plural form of the word amalgamate. It is a verb that means to combine or unite to form a single entity. In Nepali, the word can be translated into:

  1. मिश्रण गर्नुहोस् (mishran garnuhos) – to mix or blend
  2. एकीकृत गर्नुहोस् (ekikrit garnuhos) – to consolidate or integrate
  3. संयोजित गर्नुहोस् (sanyojit garnuhos) – to merge or join together

Nearby Words

  • Amalgamation (noun) – मिश्रण, एकीकरण (mishran, ekikaran) – the act of combining or uniting
  • Amalgam (noun) – मिश्रण (mishran) – a mixture or blend of different elements
  • Combine (verb) – मिलाउनु (milaunu) – to bring together or join
  • Unite (verb) – एकीकृत गर्नु (ekikrit garnu) – to come together or join as one
  • Merge (verb) – संयोजन गर्नु (sanyojan garnu) – to combine or blend into a single entity

Synonyms of Amalgamates

  • Combine – मिलाउनु (milaunu)
  • Unite – एकीकृत गर्नु (ekikrit garnu)
  • Merge – संयोजन गर्नु (sanyojan garnu)
  • Fuse – मिलाउनु (milaunu)
  • Blend – मिश्रण गर्नु (mishran garnu)
  • Integrate – एकीकरण गर्नु (ekikaran garnu)

Description of Amalgamates Meaning in Nepali

मिश्रण गर्नुहोस्, एकीकृत गर्नुहोस्, संयोजित गर्नुहोस् (mishran garnuhos, ekikrit garnuhos, sanyojit garnuhos) are the Nepali meanings of amalgamates. It is a verb that signifies the act of combining or uniting to form a single entity. In Nepali, it can be translated as मिश्रण गर्नुहोस् (mishran garnuhos), एकीकृत गर्नुहोस् (ekikrit garnuhos), संयोजित गर्नुहोस् (sanyojit garnuhos). It is often used in the context of mixing, blending, consolidating, or integrating different elements or entities.

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