Adhering Meaning in Nepali

Adhering (अनुपालन गर्नु, पालन गर्नु) is a verb in Nepali that means to stick or hold fast to something, to follow or obey a rule or principle, or to be devoted or loyal to someone or something.

Pronunciation: (ad-heer-ing)

Part of Speech: Verb

Nearby Words:

  • Adhere (अनुपालन गर्नु, पालन गर्नु) – Verb: to stick or cling to something
  • Adherence (अनुपालन, पालन) – Noun: the act of sticking or holding fast to something
  • Adherent (अनुगामी, अनुयायी) – Noun: a person who follows or supports a leader, party, or doctrine
  • Adhesive (चिप्ला, चिप्लाउने) – Noun: a substance used for sticking objects together
  • Adhesion (चिप्लो, चिप्लाउने) – Noun: the act or state of sticking together


  • Comply (अनुपालन गर्नु, पालन गर्नु)
  • Observe (पालन गर्नु)
  • Follow (अनुसरण गर्नु)
  • Abide by (मान्नु)
  • Conform (मान्नु)


Rebel (विद्रोही, बागी)

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