Arrives Meaning in Nepali: पुग्नु, आउनु, आएको छ

Nearby Words:

1. Arrival (Noun): प्रवेश, आगमन

2. Arriving (Verb): आउनु, पुग्नु

3. Arrived (Verb): पुगेको, आएको

4. Arriver (Noun): आगमनकर्ता, प्रवेशकर्ता

5. Arrivals (Noun): आगमनहरू, प्रवेशहरू

Part of Speech of Arrives:

Arrives is a verb.

Pronunciation of Arrives:


Arrives Synonyms:

1. Comes (आउँदछ)

2. Reaches (पुग्दछ)

3. Shows up (देखाउँदछ)

4. Appears (देखिन्छ)

5. Enters (प्रवेश गर्दछ)

6. Lands (उतर्दछ)

Arrives Antonyms:

1. Departs (बिदा हुनुहुन्छ)

2. Leaves (छोड्छ)

3. Goes away (जान्छ)

4. Disappears (गायब हुन्छ)

5. Vanishes (गायब हुन्छ)

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