Assimilating Meaning in Nepali: अनुकरण गर्नु, समावेश गर्नु, समान्वय गर्नु

Nearby Words:

Assimilate (verb): समावेश गर्नु, अनुकरण गर्नु

Assimilation (noun): समावेशन, अनुकरण

Assimilative (adjective): समावेशी, अनुकरणात्मक

Part of Speech:

Assimilating is a verb.



Assimilating Synonyms:

1. Incorporating – समावेश गर्ने

2. Absorbing – अवशोषण गर्ने

3. Integrating – एकीकरण गर्ने

4. Blending – मिश्रण गर्ने

5. Adapting – अनुकूल गर्ने

6. Merging – मिलाउने

Description and Origination:

Assimilating refers to the process of incorporating or integrating new information or ideas into existing knowledge or beliefs. It involves adapting and blending new concepts with existing ones to create a cohesive understanding. The term originated from the Latin word “assimilatus,” which means “to make similar.” Assimilating is an essential cognitive process that allows individuals to learn and grow by incorporating new experiences and knowledge into their existing framework.


1. Rejecting – अस्वीकार गर्ने

2. Excluding – बाहिर राख्ने

3. Disregarding – अनदेखि गर्ने

4. Ignoring – उपेक्षा गर्ने

5. Resisting – विरोध गर्ने

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