autumn crocus

Autumn Crocus Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings:

शरदऋतुको बनफूल (Noun)

शरदऋतुको निम्ति बन्ने फूल (Noun)

शरदऋतुको फूल (Noun)

Part of Speech:



(ô-təm kroh-kuhs)

Autumn Crocus Synonyms:

1. Meadow Saffron – खेतीको केसरी (Noun)

2. Naked Lady – नग्न महिला (Noun)

3. Colchicum – कोल्चिकम (Noun)

4. Fall Crocus – फल्गुनको फूल (Noun)

5. Wonder Bulb – आश्चर्य बल्ब (Noun)

6. Autumn Saffron – शरदऋतुको केसरी (Noun)

Description and Origination:

The Autumn Crocus, also known as Meadow Saffron or Naked Lady, is a beautiful flowering plant that blooms during the autumn season. It belongs to the Colchicum genus and is native to Europe and parts of Asia. The plant is known for its vibrant purple or pink flowers that emerge without any leaves, hence the name Naked Lady. Despite its beauty, the Autumn Crocus is highly toxic and should not be consumed. In traditional medicine, it has been used for its medicinal properties, but caution should be exercised due to its toxicity. The plant’s bulbs contain alkaloids that can cause severe poisoning if ingested. It is important to admire the Autumn Crocus from a distance and appreciate its beauty without putting oneself at risk.


Safe, Non-toxic – सुरक्षित, अविषादी (Adjective)

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