aegle marmelos

Aegle Marmelos

Meaning in Nepali:

बेलपात्र (belapatra), बिल्व (bilva)


(bel-a-pa-tra), (bil-va)

Part of Speech:


Nearby Words:

  • Tree (noun) – रूख (rukh)
  • Fruit (noun) – फल (phal)
  • Medicine (noun) – औषधि (aushadhi)
  • Leaf (noun) – पात (pat)
  • Herb (noun) – जडिबुटी (jadibuti)


  • Bael Fruit – बेलको फल (belko phal)
  • Wood Apple – काठ खजुर (kath khajur)
  • Golden Apple – सुन्दरी सेब (sundari seb)
  • Stone Apple – गुठलो (guthalo)
  • Indian Bael – भेल (bhel)


No antonyms found in Nepali.

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Discover the fascinating world of Aegle Marmelos, also known as Bael Fruit or Wood Apple. In Nepali, it is referred to as “बेलपात्र” (belapatra) or “बिल्व” (bilva). This noun is commonly used to describe a tree that bears a unique fruit. The pronunciation of Aegle Marmelos is “bel-a-pa-tra” or “bil-va”.

When exploring nearby words, you may come across terms like “रूख” (rukh) meaning “tree,” “फल” (phal) meaning “fruit,” “औषधि” (aushadhi) meaning “medicine,” “पात” (pat) meaning “leaf,” and “जडिबुटी” (jadibuti) meaning “herb.”

Some synonyms for Aegle Marmelos include “बेलको फल” (belko phal) meaning “Bael Fruit,” “काठ खजुर” (kath khajur) meaning “Wood Apple,” “सुन्दरी सेब” (sundari seb) meaning “Golden Apple,” “गुठलो” (guthalo) meaning “Stone Apple,” and “भेल” (bhel) meaning “Indian Bael.”

Unfortunately, no antonyms for Aegle Marmelos were found in Nepali.

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