Part of speech: Noun

Meaning in Nepali:

1. बढाउने क्रिया, बढाउने विषय (badhaune kriya, badhaune vishay)

2. बिग्रने क्रिया, बिग्रने विषय (bigarne kriya, bigarne vishay)



Nearby words:

1. Aggravate (Verb) – बढाउनु (badhaunu)

2. Aggravating (Adjective) – बढाउने (badhaune)

3. Aggravated (Adjective) – बिग्रित (bigrit)


1. Annoyances

2. Irritations

3. Provocations

4. Exasperations

5. Nuisances


शान्ति (shaanti) – Peace

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Aggravations refer to actions or subjects that cause annoyance or irritation. In Nepali, it can be translated as “बढाउने क्रिया, बढाउने विषय” (badhaune kriya, badhaune vishay) or “बिग्रने क्रिया, बिग्रने विषय” (bigarne kriya, bigarne vishay). It is a noun and pronounced as (ag-ruh-vey-shuhns).

Some nearby words include “Aggravate” (बढाउनु – badhaunu), “Aggravating” (बढाउने – badhaune), and “Aggravated” (बिग्रित – bigrit).

Synonyms for aggravations include annoyances, irritations, provocations, exasperations, and nuisances. On the other hand, the antonym for aggravations in Nepali is “शान्ति” (shaanti), which means peace.

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