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Average S Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings of Average S:

सामान्य एस (sāmānya ēsa)

औसत एस (ausat ēsa)

मध्यम एस (madhyam ēsa)

Nearby Words:

Noun: सामान्यता (sāmānyatā) – generality

Adjective: सामान्य (sāmānya) – average

Adverb: सामान्यतया (sāmānyatayā) – generally

Part of Speech:




Average S Synonyms:

1. Mean – औसत (ausat)

2. Normal – सामान्य (sāmānya)

3. Typical – आम (āma)

4. Standard – मानक (mānaka)

5. Regular – नियमित (niyamita)

Description and Origination:

The term “average s” refers to the statistical measure of the central tendency of a set of values, specifically in relation to the variable “s.” It represents the typical or mean value of the variable. This concept is widely used in various fields such as mathematics, statistics, and economics to analyze data and make informed decisions. The term originated from the Latin word “averagium,” meaning a customary charge or toll. It has since evolved to encompass a broader meaning in the context of statistical analysis.


1. Exceptional – अप्रत्याशित (apratyāśita)

2. Extraordinary – असाधारण (asādhāraṇa)

3. Unusual – असामान्य (asāmānya)

4. Abnormal – असामान्य (asāmānya)

5. Outlier – बाह्यांक (bāhyāṅka)


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