Alerted Meaning in Nepali

Alerted (चेतावनी दिएको) is the past tense of the verb “alert” in English. It can be translated into Nepali as चेतावनी दिएको, चेतावनी गरिएको. The word “alerted” is pronounced as /əˈlɜːrtɪd/.

Part of Speech

Alerted is a verb.

Nearby Words

  • Alertness: (noun) चेतावनी, सतर्कता
  • Alerting: (noun) चेतावनी दिनु, चेतावनी गर्नु
  • Alertly: (adverb) चेतावनीपूर्वक, सतर्कतापूर्वक

Synonyms of Alerted

  • Warned
  • Informed
  • Notified
  • Advised
  • Apprised

Antonyms of Alerted

The antonym of “alerted” in Nepali is अचेत (unconscious).

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