Badluck Meaning in Nepali

Badluck, also known as “अशुभ भाग्य” in Nepali, refers to a series of unfortunate events or circumstances that bring about negative outcomes or misfortune. It is believed to be the opposite of good luck and is often associated with bad omens or superstitions.

Nearby Words

  • Noun: अशुभता (Misfortune), अशुभ घटना (Unfortunate event)
  • Adjective: अशुभ (Unlucky), अशुभकाल (Inauspicious time)
  • Verb: अशुभ गर्नु (To bring bad luck)

Part of Speech: Badluck is a noun.

Pronunciation: (bad-luhk)

Badluck Synonyms

  • Misfortune – दुर्भाग्य (Durbhagya)
  • Misery – दुःख (Dukha)
  • Unfortunate – दुर्भाग्यशाली (Durbhagyashali)
  • Jinx – अशुभ (Ashubh)
  • Curse – शाप (Shap)
  • Ill-fortune – अशुभ भाग्य (Ashubh bhagya)

Badluck is often associated with negative events or outcomes that occur unexpectedly, causing distress or disappointment. It is believed to have originated from various cultural beliefs and superstitions surrounding luck and fortune.


  • Good luck – शुभ भाग्य (Shubh bhagya)
  • Fortune – भाग्य (Bhagya)
  • Success – सफलता (Safalta)
  • Blessing – आशीर्वाद (Ashirwad)
  • Prosperity – समृद्धि (Samriddhi)

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