Pronunciation: (uh-bahyd)

Part of Speech: verb

Abide is a verb that has multiple meanings in Nepali. Here are two common Nepali meanings of the word:

  1. Nepali Meaning 1: सहनु (sahnu) – to tolerate, to endure
  2. Nepali Meaning 2: मान्नु (mannu) – to accept, to follow

Here are some nearby words with their Nepali meanings:

  • 1. Accept – स्वीकार गर्नु (sweekar garnu)
  • 2. Follow – अनुसरण गर्नु (anusaran garnu)
  • 3. Obey – मान्नु (mannu)
  • 4. Endure – सहनु (sahnu)
  • 5. Tolerate – सहनु (sahnu)

Some synonyms of abide include endure, tolerate, accept, follow, and obey. Antonyms of abide include resist, defy, and disobey.

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Abide is a versatile word with various meanings in Nepali. Whether it’s about enduring hardships or accepting and following something, the word “abide” holds significance in different contexts.

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