Assuming Meaning in Nepali: अनुमान गर्दै, धारण गर्दै, मान्नु, अनुमान लगाउनु, धारण गर्नु

Assuming: Part of Speech

Assuming is a verb.

Pronunciation of Assuming


Assuming Synonyms

  • Presuming – मान्नु
  • Supposing – अनुमान गर्नु
  • Gathering – जोड्नु
  • Speculating – अनुमान गर्नु
  • Postulating – धारण गर्नु
  • Estimating – मापन गर्नु

Assuming: Meaning and Origin

Assuming means to take something for granted or to suppose something without proof. It originated from the Latin word “assumere,” which means “to take to oneself.”

Assuming Antonyms

  • Doubting – संदेह गर्नु
  • Questioning – प्रश्न गर्नु
  • Disbelieving – विश्वास नगर्नु
  • Rejecting – अस्वीकार गर्नु
  • Denying – अस्वीकार गर्नु

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