Allay Meaning in Nepali

Allay meaning in Nepali: शान्त गर्नु, शान्ति दिनु

Pronunciation: (uh-ley)

Part of Speech: verb

Nearby Words:

  • Alleviate: verb – उपशम गर्नु
  • Appease: verb – शान्त गर्नु
  • Assuage: verb – शान्त गर्नु
  • Mitigate: verb – कम गर्नु
  • Pacify: verb – शान्त गर्नु


  • Relieve
  • Calms
  • Soothe
  • Pacify
  • Appease


Aggravate (बढाउनु)

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Remember, allay means शान्त गर्नु or शान्ति दिनु in Nepali. It is a verb that signifies calming or providing relief. Some synonyms for allay include relieve, calm, soothe, pacify, and appease. The antonym for allay is aggravate (बढाउनु). For further information, you can refer to,, or

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