Almshouse: Meaning and Pronunciation

An almshouse, also known as a poorhouse or a workhouse, is a charitable institution that provides housing and support for the poor, elderly, or disabled individuals who cannot afford to live independently. In Telugu, almshouse can be translated as దారిద్ర్యాలయం (dāridryālayam).

Pronunciation: [ahmz-hous] (ఆమ్స్-హౌస్)

Synonyms of Almshouse

1. Poorhouse (దారిద్ర్యాలయం)
2. Workhouse (కార్మికాలయం)
3. Charity home (పాఠశాల)

Nearby Words

1. Charity (Noun) – దానము, పాఠశాల
– Example: The wealthy businessman donated a large sum of money to the charity.
2. Support (Noun) – మద్దతు, మద్దతు చేయు
– Example: The organization provides financial support to the needy.
3. Elderly (Adjective) – వృద్ధులు, వృద్ధులకు సంబంధించిన
– Example: The elderly couple enjoyed their retirement in a peaceful environment.


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