Almsman: Meaning and Pronunciation

The word “almsman” is a noun that refers to a person who receives or lives on alms, typically given as charity. In Telugu, it can be translated as దానికి అర్హుడు (dānikī arḥuḍu), దానికి అర్హత (dānikī arhata), or దానికి అర్హుడుగా (dānikī arḥuḍugā).

Pronunciation: [ahlmz-muhn]

Synonyms of Almsman

Some synonyms of “almsman” include:

  • Beggar
  • Mendicant
  • Poor person
  • Recipient of charity

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to “almsman” along with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

  • Alms (noun) – దానము (dānamu) – Charity or money given to the poor.
  • Almsgiving (noun) – దానము (dānamu) – The act of giving money or goods to the poor as charity.
  • Almsgiver (noun) – దాత (dāta) – A person who gives alms or charity.
  • Charity (noun) – దానము (dānamu) – Generous actions or donations to help those in need.

Example sentence: “The kind-hearted man became an almsman after losing his job.”


The antonym of “almsman” in Telugu is దానికి అర్హత్వము లేని వ్యక్తి (dānikī arḥatvamu lēni vyakti), which means a person who is not eligible for charity.

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