Agog Meaning in Telugu

ఆగాగ్ (āgāg)

Pronunciation of Agog


Agog Synonyms

excited, eager, enthusiastic, thrilled, curious

Nearby Words

1. Agony (Noun): ఆఘాతం (āghātaṁ) – extreme physical or mental suffering
2. Agile (Adjective): చట్టరంగంగా (caṭṭaraṅgaṁgā) – able to move quickly and easily
3. Agitate (Verb): అలంకరించు (alaṅkarin̄cu) – make someone troubled or nervous
4. Aggravate (Verb): భారంగా చేయు (bhāraṁgā cēyu) – make a problem or offense worse
5. Agape (Adjective): ఆశ్చర్యంగా (āścaryaṁgā) – with the mouth wide open, especially with surprise or wonder


అన్యోన్యం (anyōnyaṁ)

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