Agoing: Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonyms

Agoing is an adjective that is used to describe something that is currently in progress or happening at the present moment. It is derived from the word “go” and is commonly used in the English language.

Pronunciation: uh-goh-ing

Synonyms: ongoing, in progress, underway, continuing, current

Nearby Words

1. Agog (adjective) – ఆకర్షించుట, ఆకర్షించుటకు ఆసక్తి

2. Agonize (verb) – ఆఘాతపడు, ఆఘాతపడుట

3. Agony (noun) – ఆఘాతం, ఆఘాతపడుట

4. Agoraphobia (noun) – జనాల భయం, జనాల భయం పట్టుకునే స్థానం

Example Sentences:

1. The construction work is agog in the city. (నగరంలో నిర్మాణ పని జరుగుతోంది.)

2. She was agonizing over her decision. (వారి మీద ఆఘాతపడుటకు వచ్చింది.)


The antonym for agoing in Telugu is “పూర్తి చేయబడిన” (pūrti cēyabiḍina).

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