Alleviate: Meaning and Pronunciation

Alleviate is an English word that means to make something less severe or to reduce the intensity of something. In Telugu, it can be translated as తగ్గించు (tagginchu), తగ్గించుట (tagginchuta), తగ్గించుకోవడం (tagginchukovadam), తగ్గించుటకు (tagginchutaku).

Pronunciation: uh-lee-vee-eyt

Synonyms of Alleviate

Some synonyms of alleviate include ease, relieve, mitigate, lessen, lighten, soothe, diminish, and reduce.

Nearby Words

1. Alleviation (noun) – తగ్గించుట, తగ్గించుటకు (tagginchuta, tagginchutaku)
Meaning: the act of making something less severe or intense.

2. Alleviator (noun) – తగ్గించుటకు వాడుకునే వ్యక్తి (tagginchutaku vaadukune vyakti)
Meaning: a person who alleviates or reduces the severity of something.

3. Alleviative (adjective) – తగ్గించుటకు సంబంధించిన (tagginchutaku sambandhinchina)
Meaning: having the ability to alleviate or reduce something.

Example sentences:
– The medicine helped to alleviate his pain.
– She donated money to alleviate the suffering of the homeless.
– The government implemented policies to alleviate poverty in the country.


The antonym of alleviate in Telugu is భారం పెరుగు (bhaaram perugu).

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