Aimed: Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonyms

Meaning: Aimed is the past tense and past participle form of the verb “aim.” It refers to the action of directing or pointing something towards a specific target or goal.

Pronunciation: (eymd)

Synonyms: targeted, directed, focused, intended, pointed, set, zeroed in

Nearby Words


  • Aim (లక్ష్యం) – a goal or purpose
  • Target (లక్ష్యం) – an object or person that is being aimed at
  • Objective (లక్ష్యం) – a specific goal or aim


  • Shoot (గుర్తుచేయు) – to fire a projectile towards a target
  • Direct (ముఖం చూపు) – to guide or point something towards a particular direction
  • Focus (కేంద్రీకరించు) – to concentrate or aim attention on something

Related Sentences:

  • He aimed the arrow at the bullseye. (అతను తీరనికి గుర్తుచేసాడు.)
  • The sniper aimed carefully before taking the shot. (స్నైపర్ షాట్ తీసుకునే ముందు కనబడినట్లు గుర్తుచేసాడు.)
  • She aimed to become a doctor from a young age. (అతను పిల్లలకుండా ఒక వైద్యుడు అయినట్లు గుర్తుచేసింది.)


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