Adeptness: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adeptness is a noun that refers to the skill, proficiency, or expertise in a particular field or activity. In Telugu, it is known as నేపథ్యం (nēpathyaṁ), నేపథ్యత (nēpathyat), నేపథ్యత్వం (nēpathyatvaṁ).

Pronunciation: uh-dept-nis

Synonyms of Adeptness

1. Skillfulness
2. Proficiency
3. Competence
4. Expertise
5. Mastery

Nearby Words

1. Adaptability (noun) – అనుకూలత (anukūlata) – The quality of being able to adjust or change to suit different conditions.

2. Adaptable (adjective) – అనుకూలించగల (anukūliñcagala) – Capable of being modified or adjusted to fit different circumstances.

3. Adequate (adjective) – సరిపోయిన (saripōyina) – Sufficient, suitable, or acceptable in quality or quantity.

4. Adhere (verb) – పట్టుకొను (paṭṭukonu) – To stick firmly or closely to something.

5. Admire (verb) – గౌరవించు (gauraviñcu) – To regard with respect, approval, or pleasure.


The antonym of adeptness is అనాదరణ (anādaraṇa) in Telugu, which means disrespect or disregard.

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