Allotment: Meaning and Pronunciation

Allotment is a noun that refers to the act of allocating or assigning something, typically a portion of land or a share of something. In Telugu, allotment can be translated as ఆలోచన (aalochan), కొట్టడం (kottadam), నిర్ధారణ (nirdharana), వితరణ (vitarana), పంచుకొను (panchukonu).

Pronunciation: uh-lot-muhnt

Allotment Synonyms

Some synonyms for allotment include allocation, assignment, distribution, division, apportionment, sharing, and dispensation.

Nearby Words

1. Allocate (verb) – కొంతమందికి పంచుకొను (konthamandiki panchukonu) – The government plans to allocate funds for the development of rural areas.

2. Allottee (noun) – ఆలోచనకర్త (aalochanakarta) – The allottee of the land is responsible for its maintenance.

3. Allotment letter (noun) – ఆలోచన పత్రం (aalochana patram) – The buyer received the allotment letter for the apartment he purchased.


The antonym for allotment is deprivation. In Telugu, deprivation can be translated as తీర్పు (teerpu).


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