Agreements: Meaning and Pronunciation

An agreement refers to a mutual understanding or arrangement between two or more parties. It is a contract or a consensus reached upon a particular matter. In Telugu, the word for agreement is ఒప్పందం (oppandam).

Pronunciation: (oh-puhn-dahm)

Synonyms of Agreements

1. Accord – సమ్మతి (sammathi)

2. Understanding – అర్థం (artham)

3. Pact – ఒప్పందం (oppandam)

4. Contract – ఒప్పందం (oppandam)

Nearby Words

1. Agree (verb) – ఒప్పు (oppu) – We need to agree on the terms and conditions.

2. Agreement (noun) – ఒప్పందం (oppandam) – They have signed an agreement.

3. Disagreement (noun) – అసమ్మతి (asammathi) – There was a disagreement between the two parties.

4. Consensus (noun) – సమ్మతి (sammathi) – The committee reached a consensus on the issue.


The antonym of agreement in Telugu is అసమ్మతి (asammathi).


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