agreement to sell

Agreement to Sell

An agreement to sell is a legal contract between a buyer and a seller, outlining the terms and conditions of a future sale. It is a crucial document that establishes the intention of both parties to enter into a transaction. In Telugu, the agreement to sell is known as “అమ్మానితి అమ్మాని” (ammāniti ammāni).


Agreement to Sell is pronounced as “uh-gree-muhnt too sel” in English.


Some synonyms for agreement to sell include contract of sale, sales agreement, and sales contract.

Nearby Words

  • Agreement (noun) – ఒప్పందం (oppandam) – The act of agreeing or coming to a mutual understanding.
  • Sell (verb) – అమ్మానించు (ammāninchu) – To transfer ownership of goods or services in exchange for money.
  • Buyer (noun) – కొనుగోలువాడు (konugōluvāḍu) – A person who purchases goods or services.
  • Seller (noun) – అమ్మానించేవాడు (ammāninchēvāḍu) – A person who sells goods or services.

Example sentences:

  1. The agreement between the buyer and seller was signed yesterday. (కొనుగోలువాడు మరియు అమ్మానించేవాడు మధ్య ఒప్పందం నిర్మాణం చేయబడింది.)
  2. The seller agreed to sell the property at a reasonable price. (అమ్మానించేవాడు ఒక ఉచిత ధరకు సొంతం అస్తిని అమ్మానించాడు.)


The antonym for agreement to sell in Telugu is “అమ్మానించకుండా ఉండే” (ammāninchakundā uṇḍē).

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