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Air Mattress: Meaning in Telugu

An air mattress, also known as an inflatable mattress or air bed, is a type of mattress that is filled with air rather than traditional materials like foam or springs. It provides a portable and convenient sleeping surface, especially for camping or temporary use.

In Telugu, air mattress can be referred to as:

  • వాయు పట్టిక (vāyu paṭṭika)
  • గాలి పట్టిక (gāli paṭṭika)
  • వాయు మంచం (vāyu mañcaṁ)

Pronunciation of Air Mattress

Air mattress is pronounced as “air mat-ress” in English.

Air Mattress Synonyms

Some synonyms for air mattress include:

  • Inflatable mattress
  • Air bed
  • Air pad
  • Blow-up mattress

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to air mattress:

  • Noun: మంచం (mañcaṁ) – Bed
  • Noun: పట్టిక (paṭṭika) – Mattress
  • Noun: గాలి (gāli) – Air
  • Noun: వాయు (vāyu) – Wind

Example sentences:

  1. నా వాయు పట్టిక పెట్టించండి. (Nā vāyu paṭṭika peṭṭinchaṇḍi) – Please inflate my air mattress.
  2. గాలి పట్టిక ఎక్కండి. (Gāli paṭṭika ekkaṇḍi) – Inflate the air mattress.
  3. నా వాయు మంచం పొందండి. (Nā vāyu mañcaṁ poṇḍaṇḍi) – Get me an air mattress.


The antonym for air mattress in Telugu is:

భూమి మంచం (bhūmi mañcaṁ) – Ground mattress

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