almost drowned

Almost Drowned: Meaning and Pronunciation

In Telugu, “almost drowned” can be translated as తలపోయినట్టుగా (talapoinattugā). The pronunciation of “almost drowned” is as follows: (ahl-mohst dround).

Synonyms of Almost Drowned

Some synonyms of “almost drowned” include:

  • Nearly submerged
  • Barely afloat
  • Close to drowning
  • On the verge of drowning

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to “almost drowned” along with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

  • Almighty (noun): సర్వశక్తి (sarvashakti). Example sentence: He believed in the power of the Almighty.
  • Almond (noun): బాదం (bādaṁ). Example sentence: She enjoyed eating roasted almonds.
  • Alms (noun): దానం (dānaṁ). Example sentence: The beggar gratefully accepted the alms given by the kind-hearted woman.


The antonym of “almost drowned” is “safely rescued.” In Telugu, it can be translated as సురక్షితంగా రక్షించబడిన (surakṣitaṁgā rakṣiṁcabadiṇa).

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