Advertised: Meaning and Pronunciation

Advertised is the past participle form of the verb advertise. It is pronounced as /ˈæd.vər.taɪzd/.

Meaning in Telugu

ప్రచారం చేయబడిన (prachāraṁ cēyabadiṇa)

Synonyms of Advertised

promoted, publicized, marketed, announced, broadcasted

Nearby Words

– Advertisement (noun) – ప్రచారం (prachāraṁ)
– Advertiser (noun) – ప్రచారకుడు (prachārakuḍu)
– Advertising (noun) – ప్రచారం (prachāraṁ)
– Advert (noun) – ప్రచారం (prachāraṁ)
– Advertised (adjective) – ప్రచారించబడిన (prachāriṁcabadiṇa)
– Advertised (adverb) – ప్రచారించబడిన (prachāriṁcabadiṇa)


అప్రచారం (aprachāraṁ)

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