Advertisement, in Telugu, is known as ప్రచారం (pracharam), ప్రకటన (prakatanam), ప్రచారపత్రం (pracharapatram), ప్రచారపత్రిక (pracharapatrika), ప్రచారపత్రికా (pracharapatrika), or ప్రచారపత్రికలు (pracharapatrikalu).

Pronunciation: [ad-ver-tahyz-muhnt]

Some synonyms for advertisement include promotion, marketing, publicity, announcement, commercial, campaign, and ad.

Nearby Words

1. Advertise (verb) – ప్రచారం చేయు (pracharam cheyu) – The company plans to advertise its new product on television.

2. Advertiser (noun) – ప్రచారకుడు (pracharakudu) – The advertiser placed an ad in the newspaper.

3. Advertising (noun) – ప్రచారం (pracharam) – The advertising campaign increased sales.

4. Ad (noun) – ప్రచారపత్రం (pracharapatram) – She saw an ad for a job opening.


The antonym for advertisement in Telugu is అప్రచారం (apracharam).

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