Amulets Meaning in Telugu

Amulets, known as “రక్షాబంధం” (rakshabandham) in Telugu, are objects believed to possess magical or protective powers. They are worn or carried as a form of protection against evil or harm.

Pronunciation of Amulets

The pronunciation of amulets in Telugu is am-yuh-lits.

Nearby Words

1. రక్షాబంధం (rakshabandham) – noun, meaning “amulet” or “talisman”.

2. రక్షాకవచం (rakshakavacham) – noun, meaning “protective shield” or “protective armor”.

3. శక్తిరత్నం (shaktiratnam) – noun, meaning “powerful gem” or “gemstone with magical properties”.

Example sentence: నా రక్షాబంధం నన్ను కోరుకుంటుంది. (My amulet protects me.)

Amulets Synonyms

Some synonyms for amulets include:

1. రక్షాకవచం (rakshakavacham)

2. రక్షారత్నం (raksharatnam)

3. రక్షాపదం (rakshapadam)

Amulets Antonyms

The antonym for amulets in Telugu is “అరక్షణ” (arakshana), meaning “lack of protection” or “unprotected”.

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