Aerated: Meaning and Pronunciation

Aerated is an adjective that refers to the process of introducing air or gas into a substance. In Telugu, it can be translated as వాయువు పూరించిన (vāyuvu pūriñcina).

Pronunciation: [air-ey-tid]

Synonyms of Aerated

1. Carbonated (కార్బొనేటెడ్, kārboṇēṭeḍ)

2. Effervescent (పురగానే, puragānē)

3. Foamy (ఫోమీ, phōmī)

4. Bubbly (బబ్లీ, bablī)

Nearby Words

1. Aerate (verb) – వాయువు పూరించు (vāyuvu pūriñchu) – The gardener will aerate the soil before planting the seeds.

2. Aeration (noun) – వాయువు పూరించడం (vāyuvu pūriñcaḍaṁ) – The aeration of the water helps in maintaining its freshness.

3. Aerator (noun) – వాయువు పూరించేవాడు (vāyuvu pūriñcēvāḍu) – The fish tank aerator keeps the water oxygenated for the fish.


The antonym of aerated in Telugu is వాయువు పూరించని (vāyuvu pūriñcani).

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