All-Up: Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonyms, Nearby Words, Antonyms

Meaning in Telugu:

అన్ని-పై (anni-pai)




– Complete
– Total
– Whole
– Entire

Nearby Words:

– Allotment (Noun): కొట్టివేయడం (kottiveyadam)
– Allowance (Noun): అనుమతి (anumati)
– Allure (Verb): ఆకర్షించు (aakarshinchu)
– Allude (Verb): సూచించు (soochinchu)

Allotment (Noun):

– Meaning in Telugu: కొట్టివేయడం (kottiveyadam)
– Example Sentence: The government made an allotment of land for the construction of a new school.

Allowance (Noun):

– Meaning in Telugu: అనుమతి (anumati)
– Example Sentence: The company provides a monthly allowance for transportation expenses.

Allure (Verb):

– Meaning in Telugu: ఆకర్షించు (aakarshinchu)
– Example Sentence: The beautiful scenery of the beach allured tourists from all over the world.

Allude (Verb):

– Meaning in Telugu: సూచించు (soochinchu)
– Example Sentence: The speaker alluded to a famous quote during his speech.


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