adjective law

Adjective Law

Meanings in Telugu: విశేషణ నియమం (viśēṣaṇa niyamaṁ)

Pronunciation: *adjective law* (/ˈædʒɪktɪv lɔː/)

Synonyms: descriptive law, modifier regulation, qualifying principle

Nearby Words


  1. Adjective (విశేషణం) – a word that describes or modifies a noun or pronoun
  2. Law (నియమం) – a system of rules recognized by a community as binding and enforced by authority
  3. Grammar (వ్యాకరణం) – the study of the rules governing the use of language


  1. Descriptive (వివరణాత్మకమైన) – giving details about; illustrating; explaining
  2. Qualifying (అర్హత నిర్ధారణ) – serving to limit or modify the meaning of a noun
  3. Modifier (సవరణ) – a word or phrase that describes or qualifies another word or phrase


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