Adjectives in Telugu Language

Adjectives are an essential part of language, allowing us to describe and modify nouns. In Telugu, adjectives play a crucial role in expressing various qualities and characteristics. Let’s explore the meanings, pronunciation, synonyms, nearby words, antonyms, and useful links related to adjectives in Telugu.

Meanings of Adjectives in Telugu:

1. ఆకర్షకమైన (ākarṣakamaina) – attractive
2. ప్రాముఖ్యత (prāmukhyata) – important
3. మంచి (manchi) – good
4. చాలా (chālā) – many
5. కొంచెం (konchem) – little

Pronunciation of Adjectives:

Italicized words represent the pronunciation in Telugu.

Example: *ākarṣakamaina* (attractive)

Synonyms of Adjectives:

1. అందమైన (andamaina) – beautiful
2. ముఖ్యమైన (mukhyamaina) – significant
3. మంచి (manchi) – excellent
4. పెద్ద (pedda) – big
5. సాధారణ (sādhāraṇa) – ordinary

Nearby Words:

1. Noun: విశేషణం (viśēṣaṇaṁ) – adjective
Sentence: ఈ పదం ఒక విశేషణం (This word is an adjective)

2. Verb: విశేషించు (viśēṣin̄cu) – to describe
Sentence: విశేషించడం చాలా ముఖ్యం (Describing is very important)

3. Adverb: విశేషణవాచకం (viśēṣaṇavācakaṁ) – adverb
Sentence: ఈ పదం ఒక విశేషణవాచకం (This word is an adverb)


The Telugu word for antonyms is విరుద్ధార్థక పదాలు (viruddhārthaka padālu).


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