agricultural credit

Agricultural Credit

Agricultural credit, also known as వ్యవసాయ క్రెడిట్ (vyavasāya krēḍiṭ) in Telugu, refers to the financial assistance provided to farmers or agricultural businesses to support their farming activities. It is a type of loan or credit facility specifically designed for agricultural purposes.


Agricultural credit is pronounced as /ˌæɡrɪˈkʌltʃərəl ˈkrɛdɪt/.


Some synonyms for agricultural credit include farm credit, rural credit, and agri-loan.

Nearby Words

  • Farmer (Noun) – రైతు (raitu) – A person who cultivates land and grows crops.
  • Agriculture (Noun) – వ్యవసాయం (vyavasāyaṁ) – The practice of cultivating land and rearing animals for food, fiber, medicinal plants, and other products used to sustain and enhance human life.
  • Loan (Noun) – రుణం (ruṇaṁ) – A sum of money that is borrowed and expected to be paid back with interest.
  • Financial (Adjective) – ఆర్థిక (ārthika) – Relating to money or the management of money.

Example sentence: The farmer applied for agricultural credit to purchase new farming equipment.


The antonym for agricultural credit in Telugu is వ్యవసాయ క్రెడిట్ లేదా రుణం లేకుండా (vyavasāya krēḍiṭ lēdā ruṇaṁ lēkunda).

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