active principle

Active Principle

The active principle refers to the main component or substance in a drug or plant extract that is responsible for its therapeutic or pharmacological effects. It is the key ingredient that produces the desired physiological or biochemical response in the body.


Active Principle is pronounced as “ak-tiv prin-suh-puhl” in English.


Some synonyms for active principle include active ingredient, bioactive compound, and medicinal component.

Nearby Words

  • Activity (Noun) – చట్టం, కార్యకలాపం, పనిచేయుట
  • Actively (Adverb) – సక్రియంగా, ప్రవర్తించుట
  • Action (Noun) – చర్య, పని, కార్యం
  • Activation (Noun) – సక్రియీకరణ, ప్రవర్తన

Example Sentences:

  1. The active principle in this medication helps reduce inflammation.
  2. Scientists are studying the active principles of traditional herbs for potential therapeutic uses.
  3. Understanding the active principle of a drug is crucial for determining its dosage and efficacy.


The antonym for active principle in Telugu is “నిష్క్రియ అంశం” (nishkriya amsham).

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