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Active Market: Meaning and Pronunciation

An active market refers to a financial market where there is a high volume of trading activities and a large number of buyers and sellers. It is characterized by frequent price fluctuations and high liquidity. In Telugu, active market can be translated as సక్రియ మార్కెట్ (sakriya market).

Pronunciation: (sak-ree-yah mahr-ket)

Synonyms of Active Market

Some synonyms of active market include:

  • Dynamic market
  • Lively market
  • Bustling market
  • Thriving market
  • Vibrant market

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to active market:

  • Noun: Trading, Exchange, Stock market
  • Adjective: Busy, Energetic, Booming
  • Verb: Trade, Buy, Sell

Example Sentences:

  1. The active market witnessed a surge in trading activities.
  2. Investors are attracted to the active market due to its high liquidity.
  3. The stock market is considered an active market.


The antonym of active market in Telugu is నిష్క్రియ మార్కెట్ (nishkriya market).

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