Actinism: Definition, Pronunciation, and Synonyms

Actinism is a noun that refers to the property of radiant energy, especially ultraviolet light, to produce chemical changes, as in photography or sunburn. In Telugu, actinism can be translated as ఆక్టినిజం (āṭinijaṁ).

Pronunciation: uhk-tuh-niz-uhm

Synonyms: radiation, ultraviolet light, photolysis, photochemical effect

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1. Actinic (adjective) – ఆక్టినిక్ (āṭinik)

Meaning: relating to or exhibiting actinism

Example: The actinic rays from the sun can cause skin damage.

2. Actinometer (noun) – ఆక్టినోమీటర్ (āṭinōmīṭar)

Meaning: an instrument for measuring the intensity of actinic rays

Example: The actinometer helped the photographer determine the correct exposure time.

3. Actinotherapy (noun) – ఆక్టినోతెరపీ (āṭinōterapī)

Meaning: the therapeutic use of actinic rays, especially ultraviolet light

Example: Actinotherapy is commonly used in the treatment of skin diseases.


The antonym of actinism in Telugu is అనాక్టినిజం (anāṭinijaṁ).

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