Bald Meaning in Nepali

Bald, in Nepali, can be translated as:

  • गुंड्रु (noun)
  • उजुरी (noun)
  • उजुर्याएको (adjective)
  • उजुर्याएको (verb)

Part of Speech of Bald: Adjective

Pronunciation of Bald: (bawld)

Bald Synonyms:

  • Hairless (बालरहित)
  • Shaved (चुट्टाको)
  • Smooth (मुलायम)
  • Uncovered (खुल्ला)
  • Bare (खोला)
  • Glabrous (उजुर्याएको)

Bald refers to the condition of having no hair or lacking hair on the head. It can also be used to describe a surface or area that is smooth and without any covering. The term “bald” originated from the Old English word “bæld,” which means “having a white spot or streak.” It later evolved to refer specifically to hair loss on the head.


  • Hairy (बालयुक्त)
  • Hirsute (बालयुक्त)
  • Haired (बालयुक्त)
  • Follicled (बालयुक्त)
  • Tufted (बालयुक्त)

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