Meaning of Balances in Nepali

ब्यालेन्सहरू, समता, संतुलनहरू

Nearby Words

– Balance (noun) – संतुलन, समता

– Balanced (adjective) – संतुलित, समतुल्य

– Balancing (verb) – संतुलन गर्नु, समता राख्नु

– Balancer (noun) – संतुलनकर्ता, समता राख्ने व्यक्ति

Part of Speech of Balances: Noun

(pronunciation: /ˈbæl.əns.ɪz/)

Balances Synonyms

1. Equilibrium – संतुलन

2. Stability – स्थिरता

3. Harmony – सामंजस्य

4. Proportion – अनुपात

5. Equality – समानता

6. Symmetry – सममिति

Description and Origination of Balances

Balances refer to the state of being in equilibrium or having equal distribution. It is a noun that signifies stability, harmony, and proportion. Balances are essential in various aspects of life, such as financial management, physical well-being, and emotional stability. The concept of balances originated from the need to maintain harmony and stability in different areas of life. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining equilibrium and equal distribution to achieve overall well-being.


1. Imbalance – असंतुलन

2. Instability – अस्थिरता

3. Disharmony – असामंजस्य

4. Disproportion – अनुपात असंगति

5. Inequality – असमानता

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