balance of trade

Balance of Trade Meaning in Nepali

Meanings: व्यापार शेष, व्यापार संतुलन

Part of Speech:

Balance of trade is a noun phrase.


(bal-uhns uhv treyd)

Balance of Trade Synonyms:

1. Trade deficit – व्यापार घाटा

2. Trade surplus – व्यापार अधिशेष

3. Trade gap – व्यापार अंतर

4. Net exports – नेट निर्यात

5. Commercial balance – वाणिज्यिक संतुलन

6. Import-export balance – आयात-निर्यात संतुलन

Description and Origination:

Balance of trade refers to the difference between the value of a country’s exports and imports over a specific period. It is a key component of a country’s balance of payments and provides insights into the economic health of a nation. A positive balance of trade occurs when a country’s exports exceed its imports, resulting in a trade surplus. Conversely, a negative balance of trade occurs when imports surpass exports, leading to a trade deficit. The concept of balance of trade originated from the need to measure and analyze a country’s economic performance in international trade.


1. Trade surplus – व्यापार अधिशेष

2. Trade deficit – व्यापार घाटा


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