balance of power

Balance of Power Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: सामरिक शक्ति को संतुलन, सामरिक शक्ति को तालमेल, सामरिक शक्ति को संतुलन

Part of Speech:

Balance of power is a noun phrase.


(bal-uhns uhv pou-er)

Balance of Power Synonyms:

  1. Equilibrium – संतुलन
  2. Stability – स्थिरता
  3. Equality – समानता
  4. Harmony – सामंजस्य
  5. Equipoise – संतुलन
  6. Parity – समता

Description and Origination:

The term “balance of power” refers to a situation in which different countries or groups have equal power and influence, preventing any one entity from dominating others. It is a concept that aims to maintain stability and prevent conflicts by ensuring that no single entity becomes too powerful. The idea of balance of power originated in Europe during the 17th century, as a response to the constant power struggles between nations. It has since been applied in various contexts, including international relations and politics.


  1. Imbalance – असंतुलन
  2. Disparity – असमानता
  3. Instability – अस्थिरता
  4. Conflict – संघर्ष
  5. Domination – वशीकरण


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