Bakery Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: बेकरी, रोटी पसल, रोटी दुकान, खाजा पसल

Part of Speech:

Bakery is a noun.



Bakery Synonyms:

1. Pastry shop – पेस्ट्री दुकान

2. Bread store – रोटी दुकान

3. Cake shop – केक दुकान

4. Confectionery – मिठाई पसल

5. Bakeshop – बेकरी

6. Patisserie – पेस्ट्री

Description and Origination of Bakery:

A bakery is a place where bread, pastries, cakes, and other baked goods are made and sold. It is a shop or establishment that specializes in baking and selling baked products. Bakeries have been around for centuries, with the art of baking dating back to ancient civilizations. In Nepal, bakeries have become increasingly popular, offering a wide variety of delicious treats to satisfy people’s cravings. From traditional Nepali bread like roti and sel roti to international favorites like croissants and muffins, bakeries cater to a diverse range of tastes. They play an essential role in providing freshly baked goods to the community.


1. Farm – खेती

2. Field – खेत

3. Agriculture – कृषि

4. Harvest – फसल

5. Orchard – बगैंचा

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