Audacity Meaning in Nepali: अद्वितीयता, अविचलितता, अविनाशिता, अविनाशी, अविनाशीता

Nearby Words:

Noun: Audaciousness (अद्वितीयता), Audacious (अविचलित), Audaciously (अविनाशित रूपमा)

Adjective: Audacious (अविनाशी), Audacities (अविनाशीता)

Part of Speech:




Audacity Synonyms:

1. Boldness (साहसिकता)

2. Courage (साहस)

3. Fearlessness (निडरता)

4. Daring (साहसिक)

5. Bravery (बहादुरी)

6. Nerve (साहस)

Description and Origination of Audacity:

Audacity is a noun that refers to the willingness to take bold risks or to behave in a daring manner. It originated from the Latin word “audācitās” meaning “boldness” or “daring.” Audacity is often associated with courage, fearlessness, and bravery. It is a quality that allows individuals to confront challenges and overcome obstacles with confidence. In Nepali, audacity can be translated as अद्वितीयता, अविचलितता, अविनाशिता, अविनाशी, or अविनाशीता.


1. Timidity (भयभीतता)

2. Cowardice (कायरता)

3. Fearfulness (भयभीतता)

4. Caution (सतर्कता)

5. Prudence (सतर्कता)

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