Bakers Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meaning: बेकरहरू

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Noun: बेकरहरू (bakers), रोटी बनाउने (bread makers), खाजा बनाउने (pastry makers)

Verb: बेकिंग गर्ने (to bake), रोटी बनाउनु (to make bread), खाजा बनाउनु (to make pastries)

Part of Speech of Bakers:


Pronunciation of Bakers:


Bakers Synonyms:

1. pastry chefs – पेस्ट्री शेफहरू (pastry chefs)

2. breadmakers – रोटी बनाउने (bread makers)

3. confectioners – मिठाई बनाउने (confectioners)

4. pâtissiers – पेस्ट्री बनाउने (pâtissiers)

5. bakehouse workers – बेकहाउस कामदारहरू (bakehouse workers)

Description and Origination of Bakers

Bakers are individuals or professionals who specialize in the art of baking. They are skilled in preparing a variety of baked goods such as bread, pastries, cakes, and cookies. Bakers play a crucial role in the food industry, providing delicious and freshly baked products to consumers.


Customers, consumers – ग्राहकहरू (customers)


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