Baked Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings:

भुट्टाको, भुट्टामा बनाउनुभयो, भुट्टामा पकाउनुभयो

Nearby Words:

  • Verb: Bake (भुट्टाउनु), Cook (पकाउनु), Roast (भुट्टाउनु)
  • Noun: Oven (भुट्टाको चुलो), Bread (रोटी), Cake (केक)
  • Adjective: Delicious (स्वादिष्ट), Tasty (मिठो), Crispy (क्रिस्पी)

Part of Speech: Adjective

Pronunciation: (beykt)

Baked Synonyms:

  • Roasted (भुट्टाउनुभयो)
  • Cooked (पकाउनुभयो)
  • Grilled (भुट्टाउनुभयो)
  • Toasted (भुट्टाउनुभयो)
  • Broiled (भुट्टाउनुभयो)
  • Seared (भुट्टाउनुभयो)

Description and Origination of Baked:

Baked is an adjective that describes food that has been cooked in an oven or heated appliance. It is a popular cooking method that is used to prepare a variety of dishes such as bread, cakes, and roasted meats. Baking involves applying dry heat to food, resulting in a delicious and often crispy texture. The origin of baking can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where it was primarily done in clay ovens. Today, baking has evolved with the use of modern ovens and techniques, allowing for a wide range of baked goods to be enjoyed.


  • Raw (कच्चा)
  • Uncooked (पकाउन नखाएको)
  • Unbaked (भुट्टाउन नखाएको)
  • Undercooked (अपकाउनुभएको)
  • Unroasted (भुट्टाउन नखाएको)

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