as hard as nails

As Hard as Nails Meaning in Nepali: खड्को जस्तो, खड्को जस्तो गहिरो, खड्को जस्तो कठिन, खड्को जस्तो दृढ, खड्को जस्तो अटल

Nearby Words:

Noun: Nail (नाखुन), Hammer (हथौडा), Steel (इस्पात), Iron (लोहा), Rock (चट्टान)

Adjective: Hard (कठिन), Tough (कठिन), Strong (दृढ), Firm (दृढ), Solid (ठोस)

Part of Speech:



(as hahrd az neylz)

As Hard as Nails Synonyms:

Resilient (टिकाऊ), Unyielding (अटल), Steadfast (दृढ), Indomitable (अदम्य), Tenacious (दृढ)

Description and Origination:

The phrase “as hard as nails” is used to describe someone who is tough, strong, and unyielding. It originated from the literal meaning of nails, which are hard and difficult to break. In Nepali, it can be translated as “खड्को जस्तो,” emphasizing the hardness and resilience of the person or object being described.


Soft (मुलायम), Weak (कमजोर), Fragile (नाजुक), Delicate (सुक्ष्म), Tender (नरम)

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