Badwork Meaning in Nepali

Badwork is a noun in Nepali language. It is pronounced as “बदकाम” (badkam) in Nepali.

Nepali Meanings of Badwork:

  • खराब काम (kharab kam) – Noun
  • अच्छा नहुने काम (achha nahune kam) – Noun
  • अनुचित काम (anuchit kam) – Noun
  • दुष्कर्म (dushkarm) – Noun
  • अनैतिक काम (anaitik kam) – Noun

Origination and Description of Badwork:

Badwork is a term used to describe actions or tasks that are considered negative, inappropriate, or unethical. It refers to any work that is of poor quality, lacks integrity, or goes against moral principles. Badwork can have various consequences, such as damaging one’s reputation, causing harm to others, or leading to legal repercussions. It is important to avoid engaging in badwork and instead focus on ethical and responsible actions.

Antonyms of Badwork:

  • Goodwork – राम्रो काम (ramro kam)
  • Righteousness – धार्मिकता (dharmikata)
  • Integrity – अखण्डता (akhandaata)
  • Ethical work – नैतिक काम (naitik kam)
  • Positive action – सकारात्मक कार्य (sakaratmak karya)

Synonyms of Badwork:

  • Wrongdoing – गलत काम (galat kam)
  • Misconduct – अनुशासनहीनता (anushasanheenta)
  • Malpractice – दुराचार (durachar)
  • Unethical behavior – अनैतिक व्यवहार (anaitik vyavahar)
  • Immoral act – अनैतिक कार्य (anaitik karya)
  • Wrongful action – गलत कार्य (galat karya)


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