Amuse Meaning in Nepali

Amuse is a verb that means to entertain or provide enjoyment to someone. In Nepali, it can be translated as “मनोरञ्जन गर्नु” (manoranjan garnu) or “मन रमाउनु” (man ramaunu).

Nearby Words:

1. Amusement (noun) – मनोरञ्जन (manoranjan) – the state of being entertained or amused.

2. Amusing (adjective) – मनोहास्यकारी (manohasyakari) – causing laughter or providing entertainment.

3. Amused (adjective) – मन रमाइएको (man ramaieko) – entertained or finding something funny.

Part of Speech:

The part of speech for amuse is verb.


The pronunciation of amuse is /əˈmyuz/.

Amuse Synonyms:

1. Entertain – मनोरञ्जन गर्नु (manoranjan garnu)

2. Delight – आनन्दित गर्नु (aanandit garnu)

3. Please – मन पर्नु (man parnu)

4. Charm – मनमोहनु (manmohanu)

5. Cheer – खुशी दिनु (khushi dinu)

6. Regale – मन रमाउनु (man ramaunu)


Amuse meaning in Nepali refers to the act of entertaining or providing enjoyment to someone. It is often associated with activities or events that bring laughter, joy, or amusement. Amusing someone can be done through various means such as telling jokes, performing funny acts, or engaging in playful activities. It is a way to bring happiness and light-heartedness to others.


1. Bore – उबाउनु (ubaunu)

2. Depress – निराश गर्नु (nirash garnu)

3. Sadden – दुःखित गर्नु (dukhita garnu)





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